A short guide to morphological differences in chandelure. Naturally there are variations in the litwick and lampent populations as well ;D

POZ Stream: My Iron lung - Relief



We’ve been fans of My Iron Lung for a long time now, which is just part of why we’re stoked to be streaming the band’s brand new album, Relief, a few days early. The release is coming out on July 8th via Pure Noise Records and can be pre-ordered here. The band will also be out on The Common Vision Tour this summer with Counterparts and Hundredth. Stream Relief below!

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Bee and Lavender done by Luci at Tatouage Royal in Montreal. 

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This clever rope-cuff allows her to grasp the rope when she struggles so it doesn’t injure her wrists.

This looks handy.

I do like this addition to the cats paw

I will try this. Thanks for sharing it!

I want to learn rope techniques.  Anyone have a book recommendation 

More links on my BDSM Big List.

"Rope Bondage 101 -Free PDF via"

"Complete Shibari, Volume 1: Land"

"Complete Shibari, Volume 2: Sky"

"Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes"

"Two Knotty Boys Back on the Ropes"

"Shíbarí You Can Use"

"Bondage for Sex, Volume 1"

i just want to learn to tie nifty knots

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oh human, i has made a huge mistake


Original Pokemon Gym Badges! Done in one sitting :)

Artist: Jules at Dabs Tattoos, Southport, England.

I.G: @juliathehuman_    @dabstattoos

Thanks for looking :)

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